Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Small businesses who need assiatnce with marketing reach out, high school students with talent in marketing apply. We then interview and train the students to become offical ambassadors and connect them with real businesses who utlize their talents

Is it really free?

Yes! This is a completley free service provided to businesses and extracuricular/internship for students.

What is the benefit for ambassadors?

Ambassadors gain community service hours as well as expierence in marketing. Additonally they get to work with real businesses, which is pretty cool! Leadership oppurtnuties are available as ambassadors grow through the program

Who are the ambassadors?

Talented High school students from all over the world

Why was the program founded?

The program was founded to support small businesses during covid-19 but has since branched out to companies all over the world to help them grow their marketing and gain a fresh perspective from the Youth's eyes